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Companies verified by the Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) receive an additional two (2) years of eligibility through the Reverification process.


CVE instituted the Reverification process to reduce the time and effort required to maintain eligibility for the Veterans First Program. Courtesy notifications are sent to the Email address listed in the Vendor Information Pages (VIP) profile to remind businesses 120, 90, and 30 days prior to their verification expiring. Reverification applications will be inspected to ensure all documents from the initial approval, and any updated documentation required (e.g., tax returns for the last two years, license and/or lease renewals, most recent board minutes, etc.) may be found.


To reduce the risk of fraud and further enhance the quality of the Verification program, CVE has introduced new safeguards to protect our Veterans and their interests. As a result, CVE will review new documents and prioritize reverification requests for expedited processing.


We advise businesses to submit reverification applications as soon as they are eligible. If an applicant’s eligibility period expires while in the reverification process, the company’s profile will be removed from public view until it is re-verified.

 Reverification Application Submission Process:

The reverification request is completed online via the VIP Vendor Information Pages Web site.

• Login to VIP.

• Under Actions in the Account Summary, select Reverify.

• After updating owner information and signing a new VA Form 0877, review the previous application and update all necessary documentation.

• Once the Submit button has been selected, a questionnaire will verify any changes that have occurred since the last application.

• CVE retains the right to request a full document examination and to conduct site visits in accordance with 38 CFR § 74.15.

• If a reverification application is denied, based on submitted changes, the applicant is eligible to submit a Request for Reconsideration, utilizing the same process as available for an initial denial.


A verified applicant that submits for reverification will remain visible in VIP. If a company’s verification period expires while in the reverification process, it will no longer be visible in VIP. Participants applying for reverification that do not respond to CVE requests for documentation within the established timeframe will be withdrawn from the process and reset to allow them to reapply immediately.


The Steps to Reverification:

Answer four questions and upload only the business documents that have changed or were received (e.g., current year taxes) since the previous verification.

• CVE provides three reminders prior to a firm’s expiration and access to free CVE Certified Verification Counselors for assistance with reverification.

• CVE will process all reverifications within the regulatory time of 60 days. Average processing times can be found online at Average Verification Processing Time .


To get more information about verification application resources, please visit Verification Assistance.

Visit more information about CVE and the Verification Process.


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