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Clock Processing

To provide clarification regarding calendar days versus processing days relating to verification application processing time.


Submitting all required documents will directly impact application processing time. The processing “clock” does not start until all required documents are uploaded into the Vendor Information Pages (VIP) profile. Once a firm is able to select the ‘Submit’ button in VIP, CVE conducts a non- substantive review to ensure all documents are uploaded. Once it is determined all required documents are uploaded, the applicant firm will receive a confirmation of completed application (COCA) Email.

Receiving the COCA Email is an indication the application has moved to the next process phase.


At any point prior to receiving a final determination, the processing clock will stop if the in-depth analysis reveals the documents provided are incorrect, incomplete, or if clarifying information and/or documents are needed for CVE to evaluate the application. When CVE sends an Email request for clarifying documents and/or information the processing clock stops. The processing clock re-starts when the requested clarifying documents and/or information are received.



July 1: ACME LLC submits an application.

July 1: CVE conducts its non-substantive review and discovers three of the provided tax document pages are blank.

July 2: CVE sends the firm a document request.

July 9: The firm uploads the replacement pages.

July 10: CVE sends the firm the COCA Email.


Calendar Days Elapsed: 9 days

Processing Days Elapsed: 1 day (July 10th)


July 10: CVE begins the substantive review of this firm’s application.

July 15: CVE sends the firm a document request for clarifying information.


Calendar Days Elapsed: 15 days

Processing Days Elapsed: 6 days (July 10 – 15 inclusive)


To get more information about verification application resources, please visit Verification Assistance.


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