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Understanding how CVE uses the Beneficiary Identification Records Locator Subsystem

The Beneficiary Identification Records Locator Subsystem (BIRLS) is a tool the Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) uses to verify an applicant is an eligible Veteran.

What is BIRLS?
BIRLS is an electronic information system used and administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). The Veteran eligibility status and related information is entered into BIRLS when applying for any benefit (e.g., compensation and pension, education, medical, etc.) from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Why Does CVE use BIRLS?
BIRLS provides administrators of the VA Verification Program an efficient method to confirm Veteran information such as status of character of service, service disability confirmation, and surviving spouse benefits. However, it is not the only method used to verify this information.

How does CVE use BIRLS?
CVE uses BIRLS as well as the DD Form 214 to cross-reference information provided on the VA Form 0877.

What if the information in BIRLS is not correct?
At times, information provided on VA Form 0877 is different from that listed in BIRLS. If information in BIRLS does not match that provided on VA Form 0877 CVE will request the Veteran provide a DD Form 214.

When information provided from BIRLS, VA Form 0877, and the DD Form 214 are not consistent, applicants must contact the eBenefits Customer Help Site and/or a local Veteran Service Organization for help correcting information on the DD Form 214 and in BIRLS.


Please bear in mind CVE does not have operational or administrative control over the process to correct information in BIRLS. 


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Common discrepancies include date of birth, suffixes, and full names to include name changes. Since these discrepancies delay the verification process, it is important to provide the most accurate information possible. To do this CVE recommends Veterans review their DD Form 214 prior to submitting their firm’s verification application.


To get more information about verification application resources, please visit Verification Assistance.


Visit for more information about CVE and the Verification Process.

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